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How To Select A Tour Operator For Your Safari In Kenya and Holiday in Diani

A safari in Kenya, especially a holiday in Diani beach Kenya is indeed one of those ‘once in a life time’ vacations that many people will look forward to. However, your trip can quickly unfold into a nightmare if you overlook the need to carefully select an appropriate tour operator. The selection of a tour operator calls for adept research and networking as you weigh the pros and cons of all the available options. The two major concerns in choosing a tour operator are usually the financial or budgetary aspect and the quality of service that you expect to receive.

There are numerous websites by tour operators who guarantee a glorious safari in Kenya but your initial step would be to check the websites of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators, and the Kenya Wildlife Service to see which tour operators they recommend. The former organization is the major regulatory body of tour operators in Kenya, which means that the tour operators it recommends are authentic and professional. Beyond this, you can check for reviews on various tour operators in travel journals and the press, and see which operators come highly recommended, more so those who have won awards, nominations, or accolades from credible press for good performance.

You can also sign up for relevant newsletters and magazines such as Safarimate, which will enable you to track the history and performance of specific tour operators to make your own evaluation. The annual Kenya Safari Operators’ Guide is another authoritative source of information on approved tour operators in Kenya.

Ensure you contact the operators you have chosen to confirm that they do exist and to see how they respond to your queries. Most operators have websites with comprehensive information on the services they offer. If possible, fill an enquiry form on these websites where you can put down your specific preferences for your safari in Kenya.

Some tour operator websites do not state their fees upfront. However, you can check various travel blogs, contact your travel agency, or enquire from friends who have been on safari in Kenya to get a possible estimate on the costs. It is imperative that you confirm exactly what you are paying for to avoid incurring additional expenses during the tour. Also, confirm the company’s policy on currency exchange rates to protect you from budgetary deficits due to currency fluctuations. Take advantage of special offers such as discounted packages and confirm that all the prices are the most current and that you qualify for the discounts on offer.

Finally, assess how accommodating the operator is of your special requirements and preferences, and any value added bonus on offer to ensure that you not only get value for your money but you enjoy your safari in Kenya. Your holiday in Dianibeach Kenya, the costs, the attractions, activities and overall experience will depend on the kind of tour operator you use, choose wisely and experience the unbeatable marvels of Diani beach!


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