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The Magic Of The Great Rift Valley On Your Safari In Kenya

The Great Rift Valley escarpment, which is over 5000 miles long, is a great attraction site for various types of tourists on a Kenya safari, including geologists, bird and animal lovers, makers of wildlife films, scientists and any other person out for a great time on the African safari. Indeed, there is plenty to keep everyone occupied during any time of the year through various activities and in the exciting destinations situated along the rift valley.

The Great Rift Valley Lakes and National parks: Some of the greatest national parks and animals sanctuaries are located along the Great Rift Valley. One of these is the Masai Mara Game Reserve which is home of the great wildebeest migration across the Mara river. This event is now one of the wonders of the world. The game reserve also has other animals including elephants, lions, rhinoceros, leopards, and buffalo making it ideal for a Big five safari.

The Lake Nakuru National Park: has a spectacular view of flamingoes on its shores. A great variety of other bird species some of them rare elsewhere in the world, can be found here making this saltwater lake a favorite destination for bird watchers and scientists. The national park also holds an extensive collection of animal and plant species and is now recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Lake Naivasha: is a fresh water lake and is a habitat for birds and animals alike. These can be viewed at the Hell’s Gate National park, which also has a variety of geological features like gorges making it a favorite for rock climbers. Not very far from here is the Mount Longonot National Park that has savanna grassland and a thick forest that is home to zebras, gazelle and buffaloes as well as predators like lions and leopards. It is a dormant volcano and if you climb to its peak, you can have a great view of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha.

Lake Bogoria: This is another salt-water lake, which is located on top of an active volcano and has geysers and hot water pools that are of medicinal value, perfect for trial for Kenya Safari.


There is world class and affordable accommodation available in lodges built within the national parks and in the towns along the Great Rift Valley. It is also possible to camp at designated sites within the national parks.


Some of the activities one can engage in include hiking, game drives, camping and picnicking, bird watching, photography and approved research. However, game rangers must accompany one on any expeditions since these are sites inhabited by wild animals.

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