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How Kenya Safari holidays change your life

We all work hard for our money. We go to bed early day by day in order to be rested the next morning and be able to stand up full of power and to go to work. Often there is only time for a small breakfast, or we grab something to eat on the road. When arriving at work, we welcome colleagues and go directly to our job. This is often very stressful and requires full concentration. We have a responsibility, need to achieve results and have to meet deadlines. A work shift usually takes eight hours, sometimes even longer. beach-05-2013 Then we make our way home and arrive in the evening. Often we cannot keep the works problems behind us and deal with them at dinner.

Now it’s almost time to sleep and we turn on the TV before we already have to lie down in order to get up early the next day. We live for our job, spend at least a large part of our time there and put a lot of energy and heart into it. Thus, it is only natural that we look forward to our very well-deserved vacation. But how to spend the holidays to gain a maximum of relaxation and enjoyment?
If you stay at home, you are dependent on the weather and to remain in the country to which you are bound in the working time is not a good idea. Due to frequent rain and low temperatures, the holidays can be spoiled pretty fast. Also everyone dreams of doing journeys and explore the world. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a foreign country, learn about the culture, enjoy the good weather and finally come to the relaxation that you deserve to get ages ago. But where to go? The typical holiday areas are totally overcrowded and the locals are avoiding these places since a long time. The few who remained there have jobs in the tourism niche and travelers are their source of income. They do not view you as a welcome guest. In addition, many places offer nothing new and have become barren and monotonous over time.

So if you want to spend your short vacation time wisely, you should look for the unknown and chase your dreams of exploring the world. The black continent, Africa, still is totally unknown to most of us and features many surprises that can not be found anywhere else.

Kenya, for example, is a country that many people know very little about. The Kenyan got a very moving story that is worth to be known. In addition, the country has been blessed with many natural advantages that every person should have seen once in his life. The incredible flora alone is so rich in different species, which are completely unknown in Europe that they are already worth the trip. Furthermore, the people of Kenya a friendly and welcome strangers with open arms and show gratitude for the interest in their culture. They lead tourists in their villages and cities around and give a very exclusive impression of their culture and tradition. In Kenya, fascinating towns such as Mombasa can be found. Mombasa was influenced by the impressions of many different rulers and people and become very unique and attractive.

In places like Diani Beach, travelers find snow-white sand beaches, which are longer than the eye can see. They run into sky-blue and warm waters and are perfect for swimming.
Who wants to do Kenya Safari trip, first thinks of animals like the elephant, but the underwater world of Kenya is also worth it to be explored. The Kenyans have realized that conservation is an increasingly important issue and have built numerous large water protection areas where fish can find refuge and are protected from international fisheries.
This way they were able to multiply and develop, so in the Kenyan sea, there are rare and huge fish, such as the black marlin, the giant tortoise and various whales and dolphins. Champaign on Dhow
Kenya Safari tours offer a prime opportunity to meet these gigantic animals of the sea and spectate them in their natural environment and not in a zoo.
Swimming with dolphins and whales is recommended by many doctors as a treatment for stress relief and has a lasting effect on one’s mind. The gentle creatures will make you realize that life is beautiful and full of enjoyment.
Who finds pleasure in corals will love Kenya. Off the coast there is a gigantic coral reef. Because of the strong tides, it is underwater and at the fresh air sometimes. You can explore it by feet, or with a diving suit.

However, anyone who dares to travel to Kenya in East Africa needs to do one thing: Get a real safari experience. In our home there are only a few wild animals, which mostly consist of rats, mice, a few foxes and wild boars. However, anyone who makes a Kenya Safari trip has the unique opportunity to view the Big Five from close distance. The Big Five are the five largest and most impressive animals of Africa and consist of the African elephant, the buffalo, the lion, the rhinoceros and the leopard.

These five are the kings of the savanna and can be watched live on a Kenya safari tour. The Kenyans have built large protected areas which extend over the highlands, rainforest, desert, savannah and wasteland and ensure the safety of the animals. So travelers have the chance to get into a jeep with a safari providers and explore the different safari parks. You should bring plenty of time for this, because there is much to see and different impressions to be processed. A good camera is also recommended.

On the Kenya Safari vacation you will ask yourself which National Park you want to visit.
The most animals can be found in the Maasai Mara National Park. It covers an area of ​​1,500 km ² and is therefore reasonably manageable. Because of the small size and the big amount of animals, it is nearly guaranteed that you find what you are looking for.
This includes elephants scanning the landscape for fruits and roots, lions hunting their prey, antelopes doing big jumps to dodge attacks and offer a fantastic photo opportunity and zebras eating grass and looking for enemies. On rare occasions there is a large herd of gnu walking through the Maasai Mara National Park. The gnu migration is a monumental event, which was often reported in various documentaries.

safari-flieger The largest national park in Kenya is named Tsavo. It is already 65 years old and can look back on a long history. With an area of ​​11,500 km ² it is astronomical and offers a lot of variety and options. A river which is flowing through the entire National Park is the namesake and source of life for animals and plants. If you take a Kenya safari trip here, you want to follow the river, because the wildlife is bound to it. Here you can experience all of the Big Five.
If buffalo and gnu want to cross the river, it offers a spectacular view and should not be missed.

Another interesting place during the Kenya Safari tour is the Amboselipark. Here you will find one of the largest elephant sanctuaries in Africa which counts nearly 1,000 of them. The inhabitants realized early that foreign hunters and poachers are a big problem for the nature. They protected their territory with a big fence and let the curious traveler take a glimpse inside.
Amboseli National Park is located about 4000 feet above the water level and offers an excellent view of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of the entire African continent.

Last but not least is the Lake Nakuru National Park. It surrounds a large lake, which offers home to e millions of flamingos each year. In high season it looks as if the water pink, as the flamingos offer each other protection by staying together.
Giraffes and rhinos can be encountered and give this park a special charm. The highlight besides the flamingos are huge pythons hanging from the tops of the trees. While the Kenya Safari holidays you can also find lions, leopards and cheetahs in the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Since the Kenya Safari holidays are very popular, providers have built in the stunning hotels in the National Parks which offer yuliya47 visitors not only comfort, but also great views. They are built on well-known gathering places of wild animals and have windows that point into the wild. Anyone who enters such a hotel must take special care to not leave any waste which may harm the environment.
Anyone who gets the chance should go into a hotel on stilts. This way you can watch the animals in their natural environment, without disturbing them. When a herd of gnus reciprocates under the hotel, you can experience a thrilling feeling which you will never forget.

The Kenya Safari trip not only provides an excellent opportunity to experience the wild beasts of the steppe, but also allow interesting insights into the everyday-life in Africa. Who returns home from a Kenya safari vacation will revel in memories and have a rich array of impressive photos in the luggage.
Getting to know a completely different culture broadens your horizons and is an experience that can change lives.

If you decide to take a Kenya Safari Trips and dive into the amazing world of Africa you will experience vacations that are different to what you did so far. Move away from the tourist traps of the typical tourist destinations and experience the rich nature of Kenya in all its facets.
Use your holiday time and your hard earned money to bring some additional value to your life and explore the world. Use your holiday to do Kenya Safari holidays!

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