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A Kenya holiday is tempting and becoming increasingly popular

Africa has  been regarded as a dangerous place for a long time. Poverty, environmental disasters and diseases dominated the impression a lot of people had from the black continent. Today, this has changed a lot. While there are still some trouble spots beach-05-2013 that you should prefer to avoid as a tourist, there are great resorts emerged which are as safe as home .

Although the local landscape beckons with a special charm ,  you won’t find long sandy beaches, tropical climate , warm sun and palm trees in vain.
For this reason, we are attracted to foreign places around the world. We yearn to explore remote spots and to leave our footprints there. We also want to escape the hustle and bustle of home and gather new impressions, expand our horizons and shape our character.

The crowded tourist areas are no longer able to draw us into their spell and we are looking for more than just sun and beach. You can find an extraordinary place in a Kenya vacation trip. While there is no lack of   sun and relaxation, Kenya offers a very special flair in addition.

While enjoying your exquisite food at the luxury hotel,  an exciting safari through the wilderness is within reach. The landscape of Kenya is very diverse and consists mostly of arid desert, barren savannah, dense rainforest and rocky area. This means that you can explore a lot of different areas during your Kenya holidays, all of which show off with a completely unique fauna and flora.

A Kenya holiday can be very individual. The country has  many beautiful places and a number of great activities to offer. Diani Beach is usually a focal point for travelers from all corners of the world. Here you can take an enchanting trip into the culinary world of the country and experience the flavors of Africa  during the Kenya holidays.

On miles of white sandy beach , there is a wide range of fantastic water sports. These range from diving , kayaking and snorkeling dianibeach-kanu-dhingi-dhow to fishing ,  surfing and taking a dhow tour.

The Kenya holiday is especially interesting when one takes a wild safari during your stay. The numerous national parks provide the perfect backdrop to see the wild animals in their natural environment and to catch a glimpse of their lives.
In the national parks are a number of unique lodges and camps waiting for you that offer visitors shelter in the midst of nature areas. Staying here is a wonderful experience and great spectacles can be seen.

The Kenyan culture is very interesting and the country is architecturally unique. There are many beautiful buildings to inspect. Also the trading culture that can be observed on the markets of the big cities is very tempting and worth the experience .
The people here are very warm and sweeten the Kenya holiday in addition.

A guided tour through Mombasa is highly recommended, as you can be collected very different impressions here.The city has been influenced and shaped by many different cultures.

Decide now to take a Kenya holiday and get in touch with us!

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