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Diani Beach Safari

Safari in Kenya – A personal account on a Diani Beach Safari

The Coast region is the most visited region in Kenya’s tourism.  A safari in Kenya’s Diani beach located in the coast is one such safari that we highlight in this article.  The main entry point to the coastal region is the Mombasa City.  Mombasa is the capital city of the region and hosts a huge array of hotels, beaches as well as major government offices.  Diani beach is located at the south coast.  Diani beach is considered the centre of South region.

Getting around on a Diani Beach Safari

To get to the south coast region, traveler must first connect to the south by using the ferry at Likoni ferry. Once on the other side, one can either take public transport, higher a taxi or have an organized safari through a travel agent who provides transport in an open roofed van. Diani beach span about 10 kilometers the beach is home to several high class accommodation facilities, tented camps, several shopping areas, as well as lovely pubs where tourist can experience Diani by night. Most hotels however have their own in house activities within their various facilities that may include traditional dances among others. Travelers can also access Diani beach by flight, the beach has a small air strip along the Lunga Lunga road.  Budget airlines Air Kenya andSafari link fly to Diani.

Diani Beach Safari – The Attractions on this safari in Kenya

Diani beach attractions include the nearby town of Kwale that host Shimba Hills National Reserve where travelers can see the rare stable antelope, enjoy the wilderness away from the beach.

Others unique attractions include the following:-

  1. Kaya Kinodo Forest: This is an interesting location to visit and learn about the origin of the forest and the culture of the Digo Tribe. There is a guide at the Forest that offers information about the forest. A visit to the forest is ideal for a few hours.  Travelers can also get opportunity to visit the Digo communities villages and learn more as well interact with the community.
  2. Colobus Trust: Away from the beach one can learn more about the monkeys and their habits and / or behavior.
  3. A bike tour : Diani bikes offers travelers a chance to  enjoy a bike ride through the various nearby towns as well get a chance to interact with communities.

Diani like any other beach is offers various water sporting activities like snorkeling, beach walks along the coral reef especially when the tide are low.  Boat rides, skiing among others.

The Verdict of

A Kenyan safari to the Diani beach is highly recommended while at coast of Kenaya and will always leave one yarning for more.

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