Wednesday , 21 April 2021
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Shops & souvenirs on Kenya’s South Coast – Diani Beach

Anyone who takes a trip to Africa will dive into a completely foreign world. For some, this needs a lot of courage, because you can be clearly identified as a tourist and the culture is largely unfamiliar.

The local vegetation is quite different from the German and the way of life is also completely different. Here you meet lions, giraffes, hippos, elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, rhinos, whales, swordfish and many other exotic animals which you may know from documentation or the zoo.

A trip to Kenya provides many new experiences that should be captured on camera so you can show them to family and friends at home, or to enjoy looking at them yourself.

But sometimes images are not enough souvenirs. If you get the chance to pay a visit to Africa, you should look for local souvenirs so you can bring them with you for your loved once or for yourself to place them inside of your house and remind yourself of the awesome vacation trip you took.

In case you are wondering what the perfect place in Kenya is to buy some nice souvenirs, should read on and find about nice souvenir ideas.

Shops & Souvenirs in Kenya are easy to find, well sorted and generally inexpensive

If you drive to one of the tourist areas such as Diani Beach, you will notice that everything is designed to fulfill the traveler’s needs and hopes. The hotels, the food, the entertainment, sports facilities and of course shops & souvenirs stand ready to ensure guests a perfect stay and let them enjoy the country to the fullest.

Traditional souvenirs are foods such as national spices or honey. These can be purchased in many supermarkets, or directly from the manufacturer.

Kenya is also known to be very traditional craft, for example Kenyan leather goods, jewelry and woodwork. These make good souvenirs and look very nice. Garments made of fabric, or everyday objects made of ceramic are also a good idea.

In the tourist areas, the prices may be slightly higher, but these are always negotiable in Kenya and a discount of 50% should always be possible.

Who does not want to negotiate prices should take a look a little off the beaten path and buy directly from the manufacturer. They are happy about visitors and prices are very fair.

When you are in Kenya, you should think about the purchase of jewelry. The goldsmith’s art has a long tradition in Kenya and they are known for their high quality and favorable prices. In addition, there are affordable gems that can often be incorporated into the gold jewelry. You should always ask for a authentication certificate.

Who cares more for woodwork should look out for carvings, masks, spears or soapstone. Those can be used for decorative purposes and carry an authentic piece of Africa!



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