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Special Offer – Safari

Special Offer! – Safari through the National Park Tsavo East, Salt Lick tour!

Because of our special connections in Kenya, we have been able to create a unique special offer for the safari tour saltlick through the National Park Tsavo East.

salt lick Safari This stunning national park offers a look at the original savannahs of Africa and offers a wide biodiversity and spectacular landscapes.

In addition to semi-desert and savannah, the Tsavo East National Park is also known for its fantastic gallery forests that were formed along the rivers. One of the most interesting places is the Aruba Dam, which impounds the waters of the Voi and so creates a lake that is many crocodiles and hippos a home.

In addition, the Big Five are regularly seen here, ie elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard. The main attractions are red elephants, which you can’t find anywhere else!

In addition, giraffes and zebras are travelling through the desert and offer tourists a glimpse of the wild nature of Africa!

The Tasvo East Saltlick Safari tour takes two days and includes an overnight stay.

We will pick you up at your hotel in the morning, bring you to Tsavo East National Park and your incredible safari tour can begin. We drive to known places where the Big Five can be seen and make sure to do enough breaks to record impressions and shoot photos. In addition we can adjust the safari tour to your special wishes.

In the evening will go to the Saltlick Lodge, where you can relax and go to bed afterwards. This Lodge is built upon stamps so you can observe the animals of the national park from your room’s windows! Make sure to not miss the spectacular event! Malaria Prophylaxe

The next day we take another tour which aims for all the sights we couldn’t see the previous day. However, we won’t be on the run, but have a relaxed safari tour via bus or jeep.

This particular special offer is valid only for a short time and only costs 275 Euro!

In addition, you receive a free pack (12 pieces) Malarone worth 80$ to! These tablets provide reliable protection against malaria, so that you can enjoy your vacation without any worries.


Two days safari + one night at the Saltlick Lodge + 12 Malarone (in UK around 60 Euro) + a trip with “The Original Diani Dhow Safari” (worth 35 Euro) for only 275 Euro!


Take this offer as long as it is valid and book your awesome safari tour right now to see the Big Five live at Tsavo East!

You want to go for another Safari? Hakuna Matata (No problem) – just email us your best Offer you got so far, sit back and wait for your special Package!


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