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South Coast Kenya

Taking Holiday on the South Coast of Kenya

Any Brit wishing to experience an unusual yet exciting holiday will want to visit the South Coast of Kenya. With so many places available for annual or semi-annual holidays, choosing to visit Kenya might seem unusual. However, the southern coastline of Kenya is pristine in places and remotely undeveloped in others and provides an incredible escape from everyday life in the United Kingdom.

South Coast Kenya The prime resort area in southern Kenya is Diani beach and its white sand and blue water. The people of the south coast are as nice and hospitable as any tourist area can be. Diani is considered the best place to holiday in Kenya. There are incredible coral reefs for those who love to snorkel there are many varieties of deep sea animals for those who like deeper scuba diving. Other Indian Ocean adventures include deep sea fishing, jet skiing and whale watching. There are glass boat tours and lying on the beach for the less adventurous.

For the land lovers, there are safaris year round, and there are a lot of opportunities for viewing of big game. The less adventurous of the land lovers will find some of the finest golf and tennis resorts, cafes, restaurants, and cuisines from Kenya as well as European dishes. If you are just up for sightseeing, the south coast of Kenya is the right place to be. This basically unspoiled land is lined with palms, dotted with lagoons, and bordered by the clean, clear waters of the ocean. The blue turquoise water will draw you in.

There really is no bad time for a holiday in Kenya. Each of the various seasons of the year offer different types of activities and different types of climates. For those who want to escape the winters of Europe and visit in the hottest time of the year, January through March fit the bill. If you want spectacular big game safaris on the south coast of Kenya, this is the time to do it. The Diani beach will be crowded but exclusive at this time.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to spend holiday when you can see the wildebeest migration on safari, it is best to come between October and December. There will be some short rain storms in this timeframe, but nothing to interfere with an enjoyable holiday.

Europeans who decide to holiday in Kenya in the months of April to June will find themselves engulfed in the monsoon rains followed by spectacular, clear and open skies. This is the time of the birth of babies of many species and safaris during this time feature them. It is also a terrific time for bird watching and for the magnificence of the wild flowers in full bloom.

Finally, for those who enjoy the cooler weather and this will not be the majority of Brits, you will want to visit in the July through September timeframe. Many hotels and cottages will be closed for the period, but the ones that are open will find tourists scarce and amenities plentiful. No matter when you chose to visit the south coast of Kenya and Diani Beach, you will find excellent accommodations and more than a wealth of activities to fill any holiday.

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