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Welcome at the Diani Beach- the South Coast of Kenya

Your source for reliable information about one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.

I look forward to welcoming you to our website and allow me to give you a brief introduction. As the name suggests, this website is all about the wonderful place Diani Beach on Kenya’s south coast. This vacation paradise is worth exploring and here you get reliable information from locals who know the country and especially Diani Beach.
diani beach Diani Beach has a lot to offer and is well known for its pearly white beaches, which run smoothly into the turquoise ocean. Because of the African climate, you can find palm trees and exotic animals in the area around and the sky shines in deep blue.
The south coast of Kenya is a paradise for relaxation, water sports, fishing and parties and offers a perfect mix of calmness, adventure and culture.
The tradition-rich cities around Diani Beach spray a typical African charm that attracts many visitors and makes them fall in love with them. The locals are considered extremely hospitable and are happy about each new face that would like to explore the beauties of their country.
They are always ready to provide tourists a pleasant stay and to bring them closer to their own culture and to contribute to the understanding of peoples.

In Diani Beach travelers will find excellent accommodation, a variety of water sports, a lively nightlife and an outstanding wildlife.

Those who opt for a hotel in Diani Beach thus can hardly be wrong. There is a wide range of hotels to boutique hotels, holiday houses, villas and beach houses. The water sports offers are huge, as the Indian Ocean off Diani Beach is one of the most popular spots in Africa. The sea is warm, calm and protected by a reef running parallel to the coast, which keeps away sharks. These are ideal conditions for action-packed diving and snorkeling experience or a boat tour to a marine parks, which attract large whales and dolphins. On top, this area is just perfect for deep sea fishing.
Diving, fishing, windsurfing or kitesurfing is a very common sport around Diani Beach too. Here you can meet interesting people who share the same hobbies and are likeminded. windsurfer-picks-up-the-sail-m
On www.dianibeach-kenya.com you will find a number of recommended restaurants, spare time activities, a short introduction to the language of the locals (who nevertheless speak English) and reviews of local accommodation.
Moreover, we provide you with helpful information on the subject of airport transfer, give useful tips for recommended travel pharmacy and offer a constantly updated currency converter.
In case some of the awesome pictures in our gallery motivate you to take a safari trip , you will find a number of tips around the various National Parks, Lodges & Camps and interesting day safaris that give you a glimpse of elephants, hippos, giraffes, lions, buffalo, crocodiles and many other animals.
Through our work with safari operators on site, we can provide competitive prices and gives you a holiday to remember.

We wish you a pleasant stay on www.dianibeach-kenya.com and hope that you find your desired information quickly.


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