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Diani Beach Villa


Kenya serves a magical nature and a combination of typical African accommodation and pure luxury

Kenya, and especially Kenya’s south coast with its beautiful beaches, such as Diani Beach, is worth to be visited. Africa beckons with a special charm and heavenly places, but many tourists are afraid of the continent of Africa and live in the mistaken belief that there is no running water, electricity is a foreign word, and robberies take place on a daily basis.

In fact, the opposite is the case.

How does the average the average Kenyan live?

Kenyans who live in the big cities such as Mombasa or Nairobi are usually supplied with fresh drinking water, which comes from the Mzina Springs. It is a source in Kenya’s largest national park, which daily delivers 200 million liter of fresh and clean drinking water. It is naturally filtered through underground lava rocks and has a good quality.

Currently, the majority of power supply depends on hydroelectric plants, however, the country is going through a shift towards renewable energy sources such as geothermal, biomass and wind power. In the major cities and areas that are regularly frequented by tourists, most of the houses are connected to the city power grid.

Tourists can travel from airports to their targeted areas easily, by making use of the road network, which is especially well developed on the south coast of Kenya. It is usually also possible to take a train to your destination. A variety of buses and taxis are available and offer tourists fast transportation.

On the coast and around Diani Beach, there is a solid mobile radio network and Internet connections are available. There are Internet cafes and public telephones.

What are typical African accommodation and where to find them on the south coast of Kenya?

maharaki-300x225 A typical African accommodation usually consists of a small hut with the walls built with mud. It is often covered by a thatched roof. The sight of these houses can be raving romantics and dream induced by wide beaches and pristine nature.

Many houses in Diani Beach are intentionally kept very African.

Although they are much more spacious than a normal cabin and its walls are made of clay, but their appearance is very similar to the original.

The roofs are often reinforced and the houses have electricity and water pipes.

These houses carry a charm that can only be found here and combines tradition with technology to offer travelers the feeling of exploration in combination with the usual conveniences.

The most temperate climate in the south coast of Kenya shall ensure that the temperatures usually stay between 22 to 23 degrees Celsius, and therefore no tedious isolation of the houses is needed, as it is the case in Germany. A large proportion of rain falls exclusively in the highlands, as well as in the west, in the region around the Voctoriasee.

What kind of typical African accommodation can be found in Diani Beach?

If you are looking for thatched roofs, palm trees and luxury, Diani Beach is the perfect place for you. A wide selection of accommodation which offer the desired attributes can be found.

You need to choose if you prefer to live in a hotel, or in a residential community. Who wants to experience service, cooking and made beds should opt a hotel, while those who want to do these things on their own probably prefer a residential community.. The Kenyan cuisine is extremely diverse and offers many opportunities to connect new things with the well-known.

The fertile soil of Kenya provides very good tasting fruit and vegetables and the proximity to the sea sets the table with very fresh fish. The Kenyan beers taste refreshingly different from the German beer and exotic meats like crocodile or ostrich is well worth the experience.

However, those who prefer to be left alone and enjoy the silence, should choose a residential complex. These usually consist of 10 to 20 detached houses, which are also optically held in an African style.

Here you are the cook and you can go shopping at one of the African markets at the Kenyan south coast and choose the ingredients for the culinary delights yourself. Who is only used the German fruits, will experience a big joy of taste while eating true African fruits.

The housing complex can only be entered through a guarded gate, which keeps beggars and merchants away, so you can enjoy swimming in the pool without getting disturbed. The houses of the living facilities are generally luxurious and offer everything you need and more.

However, you will be in the enchanting landscape spend little time in the house, but rather examine the sea, the savannah, mountains, cities, beaches and attractions.

So who is looking for a suitable accommodation on the south coast of Kenya, is sure to find a hotel or a residential community, which will more than meet your own needs. Of way bigger importance is a good location, which is always given at the Diani Beach.



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