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Kenya & Diani

Diani Beach, Kenya – An almost forgotten paradise

We are becoming more and more demanding with our vacation trip destinations. We are looking for a place that offer luxury, but are not willing to pay an astronomical price for it.

Also we do not want to give up filled bars, but want take a walk on empty beaches. We demand electricity, hot water, TV and Internet, but are simultaneously in search of pristine nature and wilderness. A fine sand beach, a clean sea and palm trees is something we demand on top. Most people are looking for such a place for all their lives, others have already found him.

Diani Beach in Kenya is one of those places that links together all the desired attributes, located off the beaten track and yet affordable.

Diani Beach – Location and geographical features

diani beach Diani Beach refers to a stretch of coast in southeastern Kenya. It offers white sandy beaches and a turquoise sea. It is located 30 km south of the biggest port city in East Africa: Mombasa. This city is home to nearly a million people and offers a big amount of attractions. Including, for example, the Fort Jesus Museum, the charming old town of Mombasa and an enchanting African market.


Shimba Hills is only about 15 kilometers northwest of Diani Beach and is over 193 km ² big.


The Diani Beach’s beach is about 25 kilometers long and is one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.


The Indian Ocean is very quiet here. This is due to a large reef, which runs parallel to the coast. This reef also ensures that sharks stay away. Therefore, Diani Beach is popular for water sports and even divers find a unique diving experience.

4 km south of Diani Beach you can find the Diani Chale Marine National Park, which is worth a visit for every diver.

What visual highlights you can expect from Diani Beach on Kenya’s south coast

The South Coast of Kenya, and in particular Diani beach, offer the visitor an insight into a country that has been blessed with white beaches, an incredible variety of wildlife and enchanting landscapes. The sea is turquoise and extends further than the eye can see. Romantic little fishing boats can be seen on the south coast of Kenya and charming cottages line the country.

Here, one is far away from the problems of Africa, but can still enjoy nature. This does not mean that you have to forego the benefits of civilization.

The landscape around Diani Beach, are reminding of exotic beaches, deserted islands and coconuts. One finds a mix of African culture and Western achievements.

The port city of Mombasa offers typical African markets, but is also home to many people who come from different parts of the world. You meet different cultures and they all add to a unique atmosphere that must be experienced.

 The people of Kenya and Diani Beach

The population of Kenya is very young. While the average age in germany is 42, in Kenya it’s only 15 years, which is due to a high birth rate of about 5 children per woman. This abundance of children makes the Kenyan families very large and creates a strong bond within them. The Kenyans are known for being warm and hospitable.

In Kenya, nearly 50 different languages and dialects are spoken, but Swahili and English are considered national languages. Laws and regulations are written exclusively in English and the school classes are mostly held in English.

This is due to the fact that Kenya once was a British colony and the colonial power established their language.

The people in Kenya and around Diani Beach are almost uniformly Christian. As a German tourist, you will feel comfortable and find a common denominator.

Spending your spare time in Diani Beach on the south coast of Kenya

If you’re planning a trip or perhaps even to emigrate to this wonderful place, you wants to know in advance what is waiting for you and how to

Pinewood Village spend your spare time.


A good first thing to do is taking a small journey to one of the numerous national parks, which offers a great variety of fauna and flora to the visitor. Here you can get in touch with the wilderness and spend a great time. The sea is also a nice place to watch the time pass. Several Diving schools are offering courses which are guided by a professional diver and allow you to check the beautiful underwater world of Kenya.

But the nature is not the only thing that may entertain you at the south cost of Kenya. Bars, discos and casinos offer visitors fun the European way, so that the home will hopefully not be too sorely missed.

Excursions to the historic cities of the area, as well as small trips to the sights of this interesting country complete the range of leisure activities and ensure that the visitor can experience a fabulous mix of nature, culture and entertainment.

The enchanting landscape also provides the perfect setting to relax, read a good book and enjoy the visual highlights.



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