Tuesday , 18 May 2021
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The tides in Diani Beach are intense and deserve attention

Diani Beach is known throughout the world as an exceptional place for water sports of every kind and attracts and attracts many adventurous tourists every year. The fabulous reef, the amazing weather, the endless white sandy beach and the warm Indian Ocean combined with the fascinating landscapes offer optimal conditions.
The constant coastal winds are especially popular among windsurfers and kitesurfers.
However, one must always take a look at the tides. A lot of water sports athletes already landed in Mombasa, drove to Diani Beach and was very surprised. The beach is very wide and the sea is hard to reach. Didn’t it look way different in the brochures? Another trick of the advertising industry? No!
Because of the tides the beach the beach gets wider by up to 100 meters. This causes the sea to move away from the houses and hotels. If you only got to know the Mediterranean, you will be very surprise of the tides intensity at the Indian Ocean.
The difference in the height of the water level between high and low tide, also called tidal range is up to five meters in Diani. The tidal range depends on the moon and reaches the maximum at syzygy day.
Per day, ebb and flood occur twice and the rhythm changes every day a little bit.

Surfers should do surf just before high water, because the waves are highest at this time. About three hours after the flood, the lake is remarkably quiet again and you can take boat tours, go snorkeling and swimming.
With the decline in sea water the surface is very smooth.
Right in front ofDiani Beach is a reef which breaks the waves which can become multiple meters high. Because of this, the coastal area is quite calm. Said reef can be visited on foot at low tide, or be admired while diving at high tide.

The vegetation along the beach is very varied because of the tide. It is alternately lined with palm trees, beaches and rock formations. At some places you will find shell colonies, which consist of thousands and thousands of animals and create an unreal impression. Crabs clack their claws and dig holes in the sand.

A tide calendar can be found at each hotel and in most restaurants. The water sport schools can also obtain information.


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