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An unforgettable safari through Kenya – No holiday like any other

Kenya is one of the most diversified countries in the world. It is located in East Africa,with the Indian Ocean to the south-east, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east.

The landscapes of Kenya are very varied. In the coastal region, there are long white sandy beaches and an enchanting underwater world. Inland, endless savannahs, green landscapes, mountainous area, and even a rainforest can be found. On top there are desert and semi-desert areas nearby.

The country is very rich in different plants, animals, and climates.

The big amount of national parks in Kenya attract many visitors who want to experience the wilderness

Elefanten drinken The East African Kenya has numerous national parks and unique nature reserves, which are characterized by their fauna and flora. Tourists usually saw the special African wildlife in documentations or movies, but now they get the chance to see, smell and even feel it . There are 16 national parks, 19 protected reserves, and 6 marine parks to visit.

The largest and most important national parks are Aberdare, Amboseli, Arabuko Schokoke, Kora, Masai Mara, Mount Kenya and the Tsavo National Park.

All of these parks accommodate different animals and plants, and according to your personal interest, you can decide which one you want to visit.

In principle, many rare and large animals can be seen in Kenya. Including the Big Five, which consist of the African elephant, black rhino, the African buffalo, the lion and the leopard.

The name Big Five did not refer to the fact that these are the five biggest African animals (although some of them are), but to the difficulty and danger of hunt and kill them. Today the hunting tourism has fortunately been greatly reduced, so these five magnificent animals can be observed in their natural environment mostly undisturbed.

Kenya is one of the with the most interesting fauna – It consists of particularly impressive and rare animals

Besides the already mentioned animals, (lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and buffalo) there are other large mammals in Kenya, including the giraffe, the hippopotamus, the gazelle, the zebra, cheetah, various wild dogs, hyenas and jackals.

Also, a variety of monkeys, crocodiles, snakes, porcupines, flamingos and pelicans can be observed.

This makes Kenya a country that is particularly suitable for a safari tour. The endless stock of fascinating animals will allow an extended trip and diverse safaris through the highlands, the savannah, the rainforest or desert.

Many different safaris lure visitors to Kenya

Since Kenya is a large country, which is divided into different regions and areas, it is not possible with a single safari to sift through all the nilpferd animals and landscapes. Kenya is almost twice as large as Germany and only has a population density of about 30% of the German one, which means that large areas are uninhabited and are therefore strongly influenced by nature.

A great Kenya safari takes place every year in August in Masai Mara. At this time fleeing Zebra come from the Serengeti which are looking for food in the grass land of the north. Onto their tour, they have to cross the Mara River, along with a large number of wildebeest.

This hike is the largest mammal migration in the world. When they are crossing the river,  a hungry crowd of crocodiles is already waiting in the water and a pride of lions on the other side of the lake.

This spectacle of nature is a monstrous event and should have been seen by everyone. The entire animal kingdom is gathered in the area around the Mara River and incredible events can be observed. Fighting hippos, hunting cheetahs, hyenas who want the lions prey and vultures circling above create an extraordinary view.

Every year there is a happy ending, because no matter how many animals lose their lives in the floods: The herd reaches the grassland every year.

Such experiences shape people for a lifetime and make them feel the fascination of our nature and earth.

Also a highly recommended safari tour leads through Kenya Tsavo East National Park. This reserve is next to the port city of Mombasa, the beautiful Kenyan coast and the enchanting water sports area of Diani Beach.

What makes this safari so extraordinary are the animals which can be seen. Enormous herds of elephants living in Amboseli and share their home with lions, zebras, antelopes and cheetahs giraffes.

A special highlight are the so-called red elephants. They get their skin color from rubbing their skin with the red soil of the savanna, to protect themselves from the scorching sun. They create a magical sight that you will not forget too soon.

 A safari through Kenya – A trip into a world unknown

Such a safari is ideal for adventurers who want to immerse in a world unknown and want to collect impressions that broaden their horizons sustainable.

The diversity of the country is hard to imagine if one has not experienced it himself. Kenya offers plenty of room to explore and discover, more than enough for several holidays, or even for a long-term residence. Sink into this adventure and visit one of the most beautiful places in Africa.



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