Monday , 30 January 2023
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Funzi Island

Visit the stunning Funzi Island in Kenya

We spend countless vacations in all countries across the world, without really getting to know the people and their culture. We have been known to linger on tourist trail, relax at the hotel pool and enjoy the tropical sun.
This is a shame because there’s little more interesting, as diving into a unknown world and collecting impressions from people who have spent their lives totally different from ours.

During a great day trip you can visit the Kenyan Funzi Island and expand your horizons. We pick you up at your hotel in the morning and Funzi-baby-kroko take you to the coastal villages Bodo and Shirazi. Built by Persian hands, these places offer the perfect scenario to learn about the history of Kenyans and their culture. After touring the ruins of Shirazi we step aboard of a real Dhow, a very traditional sailing boat which is only found on the Indian Ocean.
Since the water is very inviting we will stopp at a large sand bank where we have plenty of time for snorkeling or diving, so can take a look below the water surface.
Afterwards we will use a boat which will drive us across the river named Ramisi to the village Bodo. Along the shore, there are huge mangrove forests, which provide the locals with material for the construction of houses and are very impressive. The fascinating vegetation and how man has made use of it, without damaging them, is an enchanting experience that casts a bad light on our short-term thinking and the exploitation of nature.
As we arrive in the village, a sumptuous lunch awaits us. Local products, which consist mainly of freshly caught fish and seafood will feed us and provide a unique taste.
The fish on the world markets is basically snap-frozen and therefore cannot compete with the flavor intensity of a fish which was swimming in the sea a few hours ago. Africa is known for its tasty fruits. The fruits ripen on the tree in Kenya and have a completely different taste, which is much more natural and intense.
After we are fed, we take a little walk through the fabled village and bring you back to your hotel afterwards.
Book the tour through Kenya’s history today and gain insights into the tradition and culture of the country!

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