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Mombasa City Tour

The Mombasa City Tour shows you the country’s culture and way of life

If you hear about Africa, one immediately thinks of unspoiled nature, breathtaking landscapes, wildlife and the vast savannah. While this is true, the black continent and Kenya in particular have a lot more to offer!

Fort-Jesus-Mombasa02 Mombasa is located north of Diani Beach and is the most relevant port city in East Africa. With approximately one million inhabitants, it is the second largest city in the country. The city was built in the 11th Century and has been an important place of the slave and ivory trade. Mombasa has a very rich history, and many kingdoms have brought their culture and traditions with them, which is why the city was becoming increasingly diverse with time.

Mombasa is the center of Kenya’s economy. Many factories, markets and shops can be found here and you can get an insight into the lifestyle of Kenyans.

The beautiful city north of Diani Beach has some other attractions the tourists should not miss. Fort Jesus, a Portuguese fortress, located on the island of the city, was intended to guard the sea.

It is very handsome and has very often changed hands. The Portuguese, Arabs and British took adjustments to it, so architectural influences of these three nations can be found and are what makes Fort Jesus unique.
The old town of Mombasa exudes a special charm and the restaurants are perfect for a small snack. The streets and houses look very romantic and are ancient.

Anyone visiting Africa must definitely visit one of the markets. Here you will find exotic spices, very juicy fruit and fresh vegetables, which were grown under the scorching African sun. The market of Mombasa is one of the hugest and most beautiful in Africa.

The landmarks of the city are the tusks. Those are gigantic tusks that line the street and act as a doorway. They represent an “M” which stands for Mombasa.

Since 1956, they adorn the Moi Avenue. No visitor should miss the opportunity to take a picture of yourself right below the tusks.
If you do not have enough time, money or courage to take a real safari through the wilderness, you should at least visit the Haller Park in Mombasa. This large zoo is very well prepared for German visitors. A German guide will show you the wonderful animals of Africa and give you the opportunity to stroke a 120 years old turtle and feed a giraffe by hand.

Crocodiles, hippos, lions, monkeys and more are also part of the Haller Park and for those who care about plants should take a look at the amazing flora.

For your Mombasa City Tour we will pick you up at your hotel at 7 o’clock, briefly discuss with our route and adjust it to your wishes. Then we show you the sights and stroll through the market with enough time to visit nice shops and to get in touch with the people.
We will have a typical African lunch, which you will like for sure!

After we have gained an insight into the city, we finish the exciting day with a glass of champagne and review the new experiences. At 18:00 you will be transferred back to your hotel, so you can spend the evening in relaxation.

Contact us and book the Mombasa City tour a unique price now!

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