Monday , 30 January 2023
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Shimba Hills

The Shimba Hills are a 200 km ² sized tropical forest, which is home to many exotic animals, plants and landscapes. It is located just 35 kilometers of Diani Beach and offers the perfect destination for an exciting day trip.
Anyone with a passion for a thrilling ride through the area is picked up by us at 06:30 at the hotel and taken to the Shimba Hills. There is an experienced ranger waiting for us, who will lead the tour.

DSC00134 In Africa, it is almost inevitable to encounter fascinating animals and so it is at this day safari. Here you will meet gigantic elephants making their way through the forest, the buffalo herds grazing the pastures and giraffes stretching their long necks for the fruits of the trees.
A variety of monkeys swinging through the canopy of Shimba Hills and impalas and antelopes hop over the fields and bring visitor a spectacular view.
However, the typical African animals are not the only interesting things in the Shimba Hills.
Waterfalls provide a special fascination and draw people into their spell. A very special one of them is located right here and is named sheldrick waterfalls.
Here you can take great pictures and have a good time.
Another highlight of this safari is the Mare Dam. This is a large pent-up water hole that attracts many animals of the surrounding countryside for drinking purposes. You can see many wild lions, elephants, crocodiles and antelopes in one spot, almost peacefully side by side.

An additional eye-catcher are the casuarinas forests, which extend over large distances and are typical of the Shimba Hills. They also are home to many birds, including the tropical fowl, the hawk, the weaver bird and the fish eagles.

The day safari is divided into two stages. In order to cope with all the impressions and get a little rest, we make a stop in the wonderful Shimba Lodge. This is a wooden hotel, next to a small water hole where animals arrive to drinkon a regular basis. In the hotel we take a lunch and continue the safari afterwards.
At about 18:00 we will drop you off back at your hotel and the Shimba Hills tour is finished.
Now you have enough time to enjoy dinner at the hotel and to recover from the eventful tour.

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