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Restaurants in Diani Beach – Experience the Kenyan culinary arts!

Many famous philosophers and life artists recognized a long time ago that food is an important part of happiness. A dish cooked with love and from quality ingredients will provide energy and a good fulfilling feeling. A famous proverb says”The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Kenya is known for its extravagant cuisine. In Kenyan people eat typical African food, and parts of the Arab, Indian, English and Italian cuisine.

Because of the many different tribes who are resident in Kenya and all have developed their own meals, the Kenyan cuisine is very varied and diverse. The most eaten animals are chickens, sheep, goats and cattle, but also more exotic meats such as crocodile or Rhinestone. As a side dish, Kenyans eat potatoes, yams, millet, beans and bananas. Ugali, a porridge made from corn, is served very often.

The sea and the great variety of fruits, make Kenya a great place for a sweet tooth

The great coast to the east of the country provides Kenyans with a constant flow of fresh fish and seafood. These are often used to offer the very best in the culinary field to tourists. The many restaurants in Diani Beach serve a lot of fish, which is of excellent quality. The dishes are seasoned with natural African spices and are often cooked in fresh coconut milk.

The haute cuisine of the country is very different from the traditional cuisine. It serves a lot of hunted animals such as zebra, springbok, antelope, lobster, crab and swordfish. These local fruits such as passion fruit, papaya, bananas, melons and bananas are very delicious and used in many meals. In case you do not like African food, many restaurants offer international food such as Pizzas, French fries, cutlet and Indian cuisine.

Who likes to eat in a special restaurant and is looking for very good international food in Diani Beach, should pay a visit to Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant. As the name suggests, this restaurant is located in a cave, what makes this place seem very romantic and dreamy. A dinner here is a unique experience, because such a restaurant can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, the prices are higher than in the average restaurant, but it is worth it.

For those who like to dine while sitting in front of the sea, the Sails Beach Bar & Restaurant is a MUST! Here the focus clearly is on seafood and fresh fish, but there are also excellent desserts. This restaurant exudes a tropical charm and is perfect for long relaxing evenings the African way.

Strolling along the beach, you will find other restaurants which lure with a great view, good food and friendly service!



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