Monday , 30 January 2023
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Wasini Island & Dhow

The Indian Ocean around Kenya is so magnificent that not only water sports and recreation seekers are found here on a regular basis, but also many impressive animals.

For this reason, the Kenyan marine parks are among the most beautiful in the world and should be seen. To discover them in particularly appealing way is a boat trip to Wasini Island, probably the best known of the marine park.

pillionboat The boat in which we sail is no ordinary boat, but an original Dhow, which has been used for hundreds of years to sail the Indian Ocean. This boat was already in use by the natives a long time ago and allows visitors to experience the traditional way of life of Kenyans.

Our experienced and friendly crew makes any sails work for you, so your only task is enjoying the sea breeze, and the amazing view of the country.

During the two-hour drive we serve cold drinks, wine and snacks which will sweeten your stay. On Wasini Island, you will be able to enjoy the extensive water reserve.
Dolphins, giant turtles and even whales can be admired, which clearly enjoy the presence of the people.

We invite you to swim, snorkel or even dive with the peaceful animals and be very close to them. On this occasion, the large and beautiful coral reef can be examined, which stretches along the entire coast.
Afterwards a big lunch is served, which traditionally consists of things the surrounding nature offers. There is no way to get fresher and tastier food from the sea.

After this delicious lunch we visit the island, which has some historical sights. The ancient fishing village offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Kenyans and the slave caves from the colonial era remember the bad times Africa experienced and is still going through.

Then we make our journey home and deliver you back to your hotel at around 17:00 where you can reflect about the collected experiences.
The tour offers a lot of fun, culture, relaxation and a little sport and thus represents a very eventful and beautiful day.

Do not hesitate to contact and to find out more about the trip. Book the Wasini Island Dhow Tour now! We look forward to your arrival!

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