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Why the south coast of Kenya is the perfect place for water sports of all kinds

Kenya is one of the most visited African countries and this is not for no reason.

The paradisiacal white sandy beaches, such as the Diani Beach at Southeast, the azure sea, the biodiversity on land and in the water and the warmth of its people attract many visitors every year. South Kenya is especially popular for water sports of all kinds. This is partly because a trip to Kenya promises a lot of variety, virtually untouched nature and contact with friendly people. Kenya also allows luxury at affordable prices.

Water enthusiasts are primarily interested in the Kenyan south coast, as it lies at the Indian Ocean, which is the warmest of all worlds’ seas. A reef that runs parallel to the coast provides protection against sharks and dangerous waves, while surfers still have fun during the tides.

The combination of fun, safety and breathtaking views, as well as the experience of the animals in their natural environment lures many people to Diani Beach.

Water sports that are offered at Kenya’s south coast and Diani Beach

dhow-haraldandhut In principle, the south coast of Kenya is interesting for water sports of all kinds.. At low tide it is possible to snorkel the reef or even to visit it on foot (in this case, please wear good shoes, because the corals can be very sharp) and at high tide you can take a dive to check out the reef.

There were several ships sunken to allow the traveler a unique diving experience. These wrecks are now completely absorbed by the sea and fish and plants now use this as their home. You can dive through the wreck and which makes you feel like you are in a former pirate ship and who knows, maybe you can find even a little treasure!

Those who prefer to visit the sea from dry out should checkout one of the many boat trips across the sea, where dolphins and whales are constantly observed from fascinated visitors every year. Many boats are equipped with a glass bottom to obtain an insight into the amazing underwater world. Dolphins often swim in the breakers of the boats which is very nice to see.

Sailors discover Kenya’s south coast and get a great view of the countryside.

The green areas in the east, the savannas and and the 5200-meter high Batian makes a grandiose impression.

On this occasion, it makes sense to unwrap the fishing rod and pull a fresh fish out of the Indian Ocean and afterwards have a barbecue with friends on the awesome beach across the south coast of Kenya.

Diani Beach is further an especially attractive place for kitesurfing.

The warm wind and calm seas provide ideal conditions to experience a great kitesurfing experience.

The gentle warm sea is also perfectly suitable for a jetski ride. This sport is very action packed and can be tested at a low price in Kenya, while exorbitant sums for renting a jet ski and gasoline are calculated in Germany.

Kayakers also meet like-minded people in Diani Beach and make friends quickly.


South Kenya is attractive for beginners and experienced athletes

No matter if you are doing water sports since decades or if this is your first attempt, Kenya’s south coast around Diani Beach offers you the best wahoo in kenya conditions to have fun. Numerous water sports schools in the area offer affordable rates and provide any material that you need. The safe Indian Ocean is well suited to risk his first steps into the world of water sports and those who are used to water sports can explore new territory. The acquisition of an international approved diving license is possible and the many good diving schools are happy about your arrival.


Diani Beach is worth a visit for everyone-especially for doing water sports

Diani Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Africa, combining different landscapes and unspoiled nature with civilization, sports, luxury and society. Those who travel here will experience a dream vacation, which will be repeated soon.


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