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Deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean right in front of the Kenyan south coast

If you enjoy fishing, you will get bored by going for trouts from the fishing pond again and again. Going for wild fishes in lakes, rivers and even oceans offers a way bigger challenge, better taste and more action. Especially the hunt for predators is great, because those fishes are way smarter and harder to catch.


Deep sea fishing offers without any doubt the most challenging form of fishing. Rare fishes, impressive photos and difficult fights attract many fishers to this sport.

On top, a deep sea fish tastes much better than the average fish, because of his healthy food and his intense muscular body. If you are dreaming about deep sea fishing, you will love the south coast of Kenya. Here you will find one of the oceans with the biggest fish population and a big range of fish.

The Indian Ocean surprises fishers with extraordinary fishes on a regular basis and offer the perfect conditions for deep sea fishing. This is because of the calm sea and the warm monsoon, which can be found nowhere but here.

Right in front of the south coast of Kenya, there is marlin, sailfish, wahoo, barracuda, kingfish, dorado and even sharks, which can be caught with assistance from the professional fishing crew.

Deep sea fishing offers an incredible experience to beginners and experienced fishers

The deep sea fishing is a real highlight for fishers and the natives do it since decades. The biggest sword fish which was pulled of out the Indian Ocean in front of the Kenyan south coast was over 200 pounds. If you can hunt down such a fish, you will find a lot of respect for your bluewahoo achievement.

When going out for deep sea fishing, you should bring enough time with you. A tour starts early in the morning and takes 6 to 10 hours. This way the chances of a really rare fish increase and you will come home with a decent sized fish.

The fishing equipment and the crew will be there for you, so you don’t need to bring anything with you. The guidance of professional fishers will lead to an extraordinary catch which makes the deep sea fishing to a very great experience which offers fun and action.

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