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Diving and snorkeling on the south coast of Kenya – A journey through a foreign world

Those who are travelling to the Kenyan south coast, are about to see a world they never experienced before and they are about to fall in love with it.

Tauchen in Kenia Kenya is known for its open and warmhearted people, an exciting culture and a lot of variety in fauna and flora. On top there is an endless amount of landscapes. In Kenya there are highlands, grasslands, semi deserts, deserts, and a rain forest, which leads to a lot of different plants and animals across the country.

In addition, Kenya is famous for its white sandy beaches and the magical underwater world.

Diving and snorkeling is a special experience in Kenya and is done by natives and visitors. The Indian Ocean is guarded by a reef right in front of the Kenyan south coast which offers protection against sharks and dangerous waves. This makes this place such a good one for diving and snorkeling. The reef, which runs parallel to the coast, is a nice place to visit, because of its huge amount of corals and marine animals.

When going diving and snorkeling, you can watch a variety of rare fishes and underwater plants , which make this place a very special one. Scientists recently found fossils of very old fishes in the Rift Valley in Kenya.


The Kenyan south coast is just perfect for diving and snorkeling

The white sandy beaches at Diani aren’t only made for taking exciting walks, but are also made for diving and snorkeling. The underwater world is very nice looking and because of the warm and calm sea, it offers perfect conditions for diving and snorkeling. Beginners can take a diving schnorcheln in kenia course and experienced divers will find their new favorite diving spot in Kenya.

A fair amount of marine parks are located across the Kenyan south coast and attract people for diving and snorkeling with their rich fish stocks. One of the attractions are the whale sharks which become up to 18 meters long and can be seen here. These calm animals are causing panic for most divers, but they wouldn’t hurt anybody. Glass fish, manta rays and giant turtles also feel home at the south coast of Kenya and are very popular to divers.

Depending on what season it is, dolphins can be spotted and swum with. Diving and snorkeling with one of them can cause people to feel very relaxed and cure stress and other mental deseases.

Depending on the season even dolphins can be spotted that enchant with their essence the hearts of people diving and snorkeling.



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