Monday , 30 January 2023
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Diani Beach is now also attracting visitors  with liberating kayak tours


An endless white beach , chirping birds , foods such as on Mount Olympus , fruity and refreshing cocktails, the warm sun which is tickling the your nose , friendly people and many excursions to the many attractions the country is offering .
IMG_1463 Who already spent a vacation here knows that we are talking about Diani Beach in Kenya. In this place where time seems to stand still and when the holiday is coming to an end, you want to to expire and extend the return flight.
In Diani Beach carefree travelers meet each other and spend an unforgettable time between relaxation, adventure and cultural travel.
at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there is now a new Recreational which combines the above three aspects and is therefore fantastically for all visitors.

Where the shallow sea meets the picturesque sandy beach, the Aqualand water sports school can be found. It is sweetening your stay with a bunch of new kayaks. These are used to join guided tours and get to know the land, water and people.
These are not only directed at beginners. The teachers have also kayak routes for experienced people on offer. Be sure to find a real challenge combined with the awesome sight of this awesome country.

Those who prefer to stay with friends and family among themselves are cordially invited to rent the kayaks and do a tour on their own. We like to inform you about interesting and beautiful places that can be explored by kayak and are outstanding.

Such an excursion is a great opportunity for you to stay at a charming spots near the water. Here you can try to catch some fresh DSCN0301 fish which make a good meal. To this end, the Water School Aqualand also likes to borrow you the needed stuff from fishing rods, lures and to other fishing equipment.

Who can find a nice place to swim can spend a wonderful time and relax a little. On this occasion, it is worthwhile to take a look under the water surface. There cute fishes waiting to be discovered by you.

The water area at around Diani Beach is regarded as a paradise for divers, as there are many interesting things, such as a shipwreck and a coral reef to be discovered here.

We hope to meet you and your accompaniments to already in the near future in Diani Beach and wish you a nice time until then!


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